Parks and Recreation

Current Projects:

Disc Golf: The Parks and Recreation committee secured funding through the county accommodation-tax grant fund for a disc golf course out at Lake Pittsfield. Construction is underway and the project should be completed summer, 2019!


Goal 1: Pittsfield is known as a destination for recreation. Residents and tourists alike enjoy a variety of activities from hunting and fishing to kayaking and picnicking.

Top 5 Strategies:
1. Develop a long-term plan for parks and recreation
2. Create a marketing plan for the parks and recreation assets
3. Develop a network of hiking and biking trails
4. Renovate and revitalize park facilities
5. Add new features to parks

Parks and Recreation committee members during an assessment of Parks resources

1. Set up a Facebook page
2. Inventory recreation assets
3. Build disc golf course at Lake Pittsfield
4. Construct kayak ramps at Lake Pittsfield
5. Prioritize list of needs and wants for area parks
6. Pursue a wifi hotspot at the pool
7. Develop commnity education for trout season at King Park


End of May: Pool opens at King Park
June 8: Disc Golf Work Day. 10am-4pm, meet at the SE side of the lake to help dig post holes and cement in posts and basket sleeves.


Picture Pittsfield gets funding for a Disc Golf course at the lake


Map of park features and amenities in Pittsfield, including King Park, Lowry Park, and Lake Pittsfield. You can click on a feature to view it’s description.