Economic Development

Goal 3: Businesses are attracted to, developed, expanded, and retained in Pittsfield thanks to a wide range of programs to support them throughout the life of their business. In addition, businesses have a readily available, well trained, qualified workforce due to a variety of educational and apprenticeship programs.

Top 5 Strategies for 2021:

1) Investigate the utilization of a marketing professional to create a comprehensive marketing and business attraction plan

2) Coordinate and promote business cooperation with local shopping and other events

3) Support youth and young adults in business activity

4) Continue promoting empty commercial building space

5) Develop a targeted media campaign for retail and dining that includes overnight stays

Quick Win – Host March 10th business owner outreach meeting

Quick Win – Update the Welcome to Pittsfield Guide in the spring

Quick Win – Promote the vacancies of the former Red Dome and corner building at Adams and Monroe on social media

Maintain Spring/Fall business outreach meetings

Continue to improve shopping events

Reestablish YPike young professionals group with the help of the new Pike County Chamber of Commerce director.

Develop and implement strategy and messaging for the targeted advertising campaign for retail and dining


Pittsfield Welcome Packet
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