Economic Development

Goal 3: Businesses are attracted to, developed, expanded, and retained in Pittsfield thanks to a wide range of programs to support them throughout the life of their business. In addition, businesses have a readily available, well trained, qualified workforce due to a variety of educational and apprenticeship programs.

Top 5 Strategies:
1. Compile a welcome packet for residents and businesses
2. Develop a marketing plan to promote Pittsfield as a place to develop and locate a business
3. Draft a business attraction plan
4. Develop infrastructure and programs to support and attract high tech businesses and telecommuters
5. Create programming to support new and existing businesses.

1. Develop welcome packets for new residents and businesses
2. Create marketing for Work Ready programs
3. Reestablish the Pike County Young Professionals (YPike) group
4. Update the business directory and create categories
5. Develop business spotlight program
6. Partner with SBDC on a virtual business incubator


Pittsfield Welcome Packet
Pittsfield Economic Incentive Zones